Pay & Grading Systems Maintenance

Few medium and smaller organisations can afford the dedicated resource required to keep their Pay and Reward Systems consistent and fair.

Nor do they know whether salaries are competitive in the wider market place so that they can attract and retain the best employees.

In - house professional expertise in this area is usually confined to organisations with 1000 + employees - or is retained on a consultancy basis. Both these options can  be very expensive.

So Pay Auditor  has come up with a packaged, low cost solution that gives you a 7-point programme to keeping your  practices up to date and competitive.

  1. Update of all existing job descriptions as required (and new job descriptions for job evaluation purposes).
  2. Re-evaluations (as a single evaluator or chairing panels if required) and reports on reasoning behind evaluations.
  3. Advice on grading and pay progression.
  4. Pay data updated annually prior to annual review and ad hoc responses to requests/updates on reward levels when e.g. recruiting.
  5. Visits tailored to suit for support on structural / reward issues and pay advice / pay audit and other HR issues if required.
  6. Quarterly updates on issues surrounding pay and reward issues in the market.
  7. Annual audit of pay and job evaluation scheme for equal pay and other compliance purposes.