Pay Audit

Pay often represents 80% or more of the “running cost” of an organisation, clearly a level of expenditure that is worthy of regular review. Any organisation can justify a pay audit to ensure the effective application of such a large proportion of the annual budget

A substantial study of remuneration looks into every aspect pay and reward to help establish realistic internal reward structures and competitive market related pay and conditions. Based on the approach detailed in “Pay Audit - Equal Pay Reviews and Beyond” (Published by Capita, Author Derek Burn),  the study fine tunes pay systems to best advantage of the organisation by looking at the expenditure on remuneration from every relevant angle.

  • We focus on how to get the best value from your pay bill  including:
    • Linking the output of every job to the business plan and thus the bottom line
    • Developing cost effective structures with key targeted jobs
    • Effective application of Reward Surveys, Bonuses, Incentives and Fringe Benefits.
    • Reward structures must meet legal requirements- including:
    • Employment Contracts, Terms and Conditions of Employment and
    • Equal Pay Legislation
    • European Law and the Equality Act 2010
    • Ever changing Employment Tribunal Case Law