This article identifies important issues to consider during a Pay Review including: Pay Surveys, Performance and Competence Appraisal, Job Descriptions, Recruitment, Career Progression, Succession Planning, Training, Job Evaluation, and Organisation Development.

Getting Pay Right Makes Serious Business Sense

So many organisations do not know what the right level of pay should be for their employees. This is particularly the case for many smaller organisations who believe it is not important enough to worry about and don’t have the time to do the necessary research. A pay review undertaken without reference to essential data is equivalent to running a business without knowing anything of the market in which it operates, without accounts, and without any form of strategic plan. In this article Derek Burn, Senior Partner in HR Perform-Pay Auditor and ACAS Independent Expert on Pay describes a straightforward methodology for obtaining the required data to achieve the most cost effective staffing including undertaking an Internal Pay Relativity Check using techniques which have the potential to impact on almost every aspect of HR - and can help focus the business on its strategic objectives.